Top 5 Workplace Safety Tips

School Is Out – Safety Is Still In

Workplace safety must be thought of daily and not only in a manual or policy. A safe working environment can only be created through effective communication and a buy-in from the top down.

It doesn’t matter if you are a daycare center, school, retail store, construction company or even a hospital, workplace safety is important to everyone. No one likes to be hurt or unsafe.  To effectively instill a safe working environment, employees should be encouraged to promote safe behaviors, as well as identify unsafe behaviors along with opportunities for improvement. To make better – and informed – safety decisions, regular reminders and training are essential.

Everything from daily routine tasks, to complex job-specific tasks, all could benefit from proper training, communication and reminders regarding workplace safety. Seemingly common-sense safety concerns, like not using electric in a wet area, may not be common sense to everyone. This is where simple daily reminders and general training, could really benefit your workplace and team.

5 workplace safety tips:

  1. Break up repetitive work with non-repetitive tasks to give your muscles a rest.
  2. Keep objects close to you as you lift and carry them, even if they aren’t very heavy.
  3. To prevent stumbles and collisions, don’t use cell phones or text while walking up and down stairs or through hallways.
  4. Do not use flexible cords that are frayed or have damaged plugs.
  5. Regularly check your safety equipment, items like fire extinguishers and AEDs should be checked on a regular basis.

Safety is a team effort.  Notify your compliance officer or safety manager immediately if you witness and unsafe item, environment or behavior. Working together, having regular meetings and checking any accident logs for common safety issues are steps that can be taken to mitigate safety risk in the workplace.

Say something and you could prevent the next accident!

If you are unsure on how to react in an unsafe situation, your company needs safety training or you just want to know more, contact MiamiCPR or RescueAED today for all of your workplace safety needs!

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