At Miami CPR Training we have one goal, To Exceed your Expectations!

Heres what you had to say:

Testimonials and Customer Feed Back

We work hard to Exceed Your Expectations! Our reward is your kind words. We can spend countless funds and work tirelessly to advertise, the only advertising that matter is when we get to post comments from our valuable customers that had their expectations exceeded!

“Was very good.  Ruben was a great instructor”
“Very good class, the explanation was amazing”“The class was very helpful. The instructor was funny and nice. Unlike any CPR Class I’ve ever taken.”

“I highly recommend this course to everyone.  The instructors were knowledgeable and very helpful.  They answered questions and gave lots of examples to help us understand in a way that was easy to remember.”

“I learned some very useful skills.  I have taken CPR classes before but none like this.  I have never been to a class that was so well put together.  The instructors are to the point and don’t waste time …  first time I feel I could really do this for real.”

“My instructor was very polite and funny. I told him that I had a baby and he told me that Infant CPR was not covered in the class I was taking, he then told me to please stay a few minutes after class, and he would show me how to do CPR for my child.  Ruben stayed an extra 45 minutes on his own time to help me learn.  I thought that was so great and selfless of him to do!”

“I will never EVER go to a CPR Class again at a hospital!!  I took a CPR class where the instructor came to my house.  It was more expensive than classes I’ve taken before but SOOOOO worth it!!  My teacher was on time, explained everything, and I got my card on the spot.  THE BEST SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED”

“I work at Memorial Hospital.  I was told I needed CPR before I could return to work.  I called a bunch of people but couldn’t find anyone that would help me.  When I spoke to Ruben, he said he would come to my house.  He came over in less time than a pizza delivery guy, did the class, and I was able to go to work on time with out missing a minute of work.  He gave me a story about how Customer Service is so important to them, but it was obvious it wasn’t just a story. I have never been treated better and the fact they came right to my house and gave me the training and the card was unbelievable.  I will never go anywhere else!!”

“Excellent! This was much better than last year!  I hope you guys come back next time!”

“My company was getting audited and I needed CPR Training for two of my office members.  I called all over but nobody would come to our office for only two people.  When I contacted ResceAED not only did they come but they came the very next day, completed the class, and gave us the certificates on the that same day.  Their service was second to none!”

” Fun. Clear. Easy. Learned a lot. Thanks!”

“Joey is a great CPR instructor.  Great class.”

“I would like to thank you and your crew for such a wonderful job. In the pass I have taken a few CPR classes but; by far this has been the best one ever. You made the class simple and to the point and most of all very enjoyable. Looking forward to my next class with Resuce AED.”